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Sunday, 29 April 2007

Who am I?

I was just sitting in my living room and wondering what really matters to me. My husband, kids, select individuals of my family and friends. Of course. But what is it that makes some of these people more different and more 'matterable' than others? And I didn't have to wait too long for the answer to flash in my head. What makes them matter so much to me is my own perception of them and theirs of me...
No one knows anyone in completeness, as one whole. No one can understand all the facets of another's personality. Even self does not know the complete self! 'Who am I?' - it seems like an easy to answer question, but it isn't. 'I' am not just my role in a relationship. Nor am I my profession. My characteristics are mine, they make me me, but they are not the whole 'I'. The perceptions of me in the minds of others is not 'I' again! Then who am I? It's a question that religious preachers ask, that sages and anyone who is spiritually inclined -for that matter - seek an answer to. But then, if one were to eventually find the answer, what would one really say? 'Ah! So I AM'- perhaps - that could be potentially a complete me?!? Just me - 'I' in the present. 'I' as a part of the past... may be, may be not! Or, I could be a part of the Divine, set upon in my present, with the roles to play, perceptions to live upto and deal with, a catalyst of certain change, and - at the same time - that 'I' who must learn her lessons before being a complete 'whole' and getting back to the Divine again.
Well, until I learn who I am - I'm going to sign off for now as just plain, simple, fun-loving Aradhna ;)