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Thursday, 6 October 2011


"I wake up to him…
I connect with him…
I interact with him…
I work with him…."
No – not with Steven Paul Jobs – but with his creations – the iPhone and the Apple Mac.

Why "him" and not "her"?
Come on guys, gimme a break! If your mean machine can "gently purr", show "elegance of her movement and speed" - why can't my comp and my iPhone be masculine and sexy? Huh?

Now back to Steve Jobs - we all know the facts – and those who don't can google them.
By the way, Apple was created on April Fool's day! What a start!

When Anil told me about Steve Jobs demise, I was not shocked – but suddenly very sad. I felt I'd lost a friend I had known and trusted for a while now. I wondered why… I realized:
• When Anil and I discussed presentations – Jobs presentations were exemplary.
• When we saw professional uncertainties – we were inspired by his belief of believing that "the dots connect"- that you have to trust in something and go with it – that you have to "keep searching and not settle"
• When I felt low on qualifications as compared to many others, Anil showed me my achievements – and I often thought to myself: "well, Jobs wasn't even a graduate – but look at what he's achieving!" I kept going as well…
• When I heard of his cancer in 2004, I thought, this is it! I had lost my mum to cancer just a year ago… I instantly disconnected myself from anyone who mentioned the disease – I still do – but am coming to terms with my loss – slowly, and at times tearfully… But he lived – and he didn't seem to have changed! Good for him, I thought.
• And now – as mentioned in the few lines at the beginning, I realize – Steve Jobs touches my life everyday as he does of the many others out there.

iPhone – my alarm clock, my connector to family and friends via easy smsing and calling, a window to the world via internet access, my GPS who helps me find my way.

Mac: ah! I wish the mac had a delete button, and a less sensitive mousepad… but other than that, it's perfect.

Okay – before I sound like an Apple ad… here's another thought.
Do I thank Gandhi as much as I thanked Jobs? No – no offence to him, and many others who've gone down in history for their deeds. Hey,it's simple - I didn't experience his "being" first hand – and then there are controversies that I cannot prove or otherwise.
Do I thank Sabir Bhatia for making Hotmail – the very platform on which I met my hot male? Hmm.. I do say "thanks to Hotmail" – but not Sabir.
But yes, I do say thanks to Jobs – each time I encounter another "wow" moment – for now atleast!

My kids will have another Gandhi, another Steve Jobs – but today – today is mine – and mine to put anyone on a pedestal or not…

So here's to Steve Jobs – go revolutionize Heaven – and say hi to mum for me while you're there! How? You're the communications guru – go figure!
Imagine this:
God: Steve?
Jobs: Not yet, got to get the global pulse
God: (Amused) Never heard of that excuse before. Okay… (puzzled)

2005 to 2011
Globe: WOW! Mac / ipod / iphones / ipads…. What next?

God: (Impressed): Steve- remember your belief?
Steve: Believe in something… follow your instincts… connect the dots… keep searching
God: Erm… aren't you settling in too comfy a zone? You've perfected communication down there?

What about up here?
Steve: Good point! Lemme get my gadgets… Now – beam me up Goddy!