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Thursday, 23 June 2011

The grand finale - driving...

Driving me cra-a-a-azy! Totally!!!
The day of the test
I woke up that morning – December 2. It was my test day – oh yes and my birthday! But right now – it was the test that mattered.

Anil cheerfully tried to wish me – but one cold look from me – and he knew he'd better manage the show of sending the kids to Kindergarten and Daycare himself.

By the time I showered and made my coffee – everyone – including Anil had left.

The test was at 4pm. It was just 8am!

I went to the toy cupboard and practiced all my parking styles and lane changing. I made a mental note of all my mistakes and the correct solutions.

I checked my mail. I'd taken the day off from work. So I logged on to facebook and gmail . I listened to music, cooked up a light lunch.

Frau Fritz would pick me up at 3:30pm.

Hmm… I had an hour and a half. The phone rang. Frau Fritz said, "Drink you coffee in an hour. Don't forget the chocolate. Bis bald!"

Tick-tock, tick-tock. And the beep of sms-es wishing me a happy birthday. I didn't want to read them until I knew it was really Happy!

Soon, I was in the car with Frau Fritz – and I drove this one last time before the test. She seemed happy, but nervous.

At the Strassenverkehrsamt, I parked – perfectly. She stepped out and turned. "Eat this quick and keep warm, "she said handing me a stick of Callier cholocate. She went to get the examiner.

A Santa look-alike stepped into the car.

I was shivering and really cold despite my layers of warm clothing and the heating in the car on.

The examiner greeted me with a friendly handshake. Noticing how cold I was, he asked, "Are you nervous?" "Yes," I half shivered and half stammered. "I see it's your birthday today. Come on, let's go when you're ready!"

I said a silent prayer, bowed my head and started the car.

I drove back in after 65 minutes to see Frau Fritz cramming chocolate into her face and pacing up and down. I was relaxed, but not sure of the result yet. "Santa" had taken me on 30-zones, 120-speedlimit highways, made me park a few times, change lanes, drive through zones where lots of children were playing and walking in the 30-zone street… And right through, he has spoken to me about India, the differences between the people here and there, my life here.
I parked. He smiled at me – scribbled something on a piece of paper and said – "Happy Birthday. It's my pleasure to give you your license. You really did a good job – not one mistake!"

I could'vé kissed him!
Frau Fritz rushed to me with her chocolate face beaming the minute she saw me smiling with 100% joy! "You worried me sick! The test is usually for 45 minutes, you were gone for 65!"
How do I know what happened? I just knew I'd got my license – thanks to her.

I called Anil and said, "NOW, it's a happy birthday. I'll be home in 40 minutes."
I got home to hubby-and-kids-baked hot chocolate muffins – complete with icing and decorations.

Yes, I'd done it! And with the license came the "taxi mum" tag – and responsibility!

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